Sample Recordings


Franz Schubert 
Ave Maria (based on an arrangement for guitar and voice by Napoléon Coste)

Roberto Baden Powell 
Canto de Ossanha
Heitor Villa-Lobos 
Chôro No. 1

J.S. Bach 
Gavotte en Rondeau
Fugue BWV 1000
Johann Pachelbel
Canon in D

John Sheahan 
Marino Waltz (arr. Dermot Ryan)
Danny Boy (arr. Martin Grayson)
Turlough O'Carolan
Planxty Irwin (arr. John Loesberg)
She Moved Through the Fair (arr. John Loesberg)

Mauro Giuliani 
Variations sur les Folies d'Espagne
Ferdinando Carulli
Duo in G, Op. 34: Largo, Rondeau

Agustín Barrios 
La Catedral 1
* 2* 3*

Vladimir Cosma 
David's Song

Francisco Tárrega 
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
La Alborada
Alonso Mudarra
Fantasía que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Luduvico
El testament d'Amèlia (arr. Miguel Llobet)

Manuel de Falla
La Danza del Molinero (arr. Timothy Kain)

Isaac Albéniz
Asturias (Leyenda) (arr. Andrés Segovia)

United Kingdom:
Stanley Myers  
Cavatina (Theme from The Deer Hunter) (arr. John Williams)
Benjamin Britten
Nocturnal 1
* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7* 8* 9*
Lennox Berkeley
Sonatina 1
* 2* 3*

Antonio Lauro  
El Marabino
Vals Venezolano 1
Vals Venezolano 2
Vals Venezolano 3
Vals Venezolano 4

+ - Multitracked guitars. See Notes section below.
* - recorded by "direct injection". See Notes section below.

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These recordings were made at home, using one of two methods.

The first method was playing an Alvaro electric classical guitar, plugged straight into the Line-In of the soundcard of a laptop, and storing the sound straight to the hard drive using CFBSoftware's LP Recorder application. The end result is clean, but rather dry. One might describe it as a little unguitarlike. This is inevitable, given that the sound is essentially the sound inside the guitar, very closely miked, and lacking room echo, among other natural effects one associates with a guitar performance. These older recordings are marked above with an asterisk.

The second method, the one I currently use, is to record one of my two handmade guitars with a Zoom H2 Handy Recorder, placing the mic about 30-40cm in front of the guitar. These recordings sound warmer and more natural.

The two handmade guitars are a spruce guitar, built by Russel Fong in 1987, and a cedar guitar, built by Nicholas Ioannou in 1988.

All recordings are either one-take, or very lightly edited using Audacity sound-editing software, except for the tracks marked "+", which are the product of overlaid guitar tracks.

Before I used Audacity, I used Windows' built-in Sound Recorder application for editing purposes.